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Poujoulat Group

European leader

The Poujoulat Group specialises in the design of solutions for all types of energy (biomass, gas, heavy fuel oil, nuclear) used in the production of heat or electricity, for all output levels (from 3 kW to several hundred MW) and for all types of buildings.

With 1,400 employees and a turnover of 190 million euros, the Poujoulat Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal flue systems. The Group operates in 30 countries, with a total of 16 companies, and premises covering 170,000 m².

Beirens has been a subsidiary of the Poujoulat Group since 2001 and is today the market leader in welded industrial chimneys for district heating, industrial processes and electricity generation. In 2011, Beirens acquired MCC2I in order to complete its range of services in the maintenance of industrial chimneys and extend its business to brick and concrete industrial chimneys.

European subsidiaries: United Kingdom (Poujoulat UK Ltd), Belgium and Luxembourg (Poujoulat Belux SA), Netherlands (Poujoulat BV), Poland (Poujoulat s.p. z o.o.), Turkey (Poujoulat BACA), Italy (A.L.A spa), Germany (Poujoulat GmbH) and Denmark (VL Staal).

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