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Site visit, inspection, diagnostics and recommendations

MCC2I assumes responsibility when providing diagnostics or recommendations to a client following a chimney inspection.
Experts are involved at each stage of the assesment process. A first diagnostic is issued from the metal fabrication specialists (in the case of metal chimneys) or the chimney engineers (in the case of brick or concrete chimneys) after site visit.

The information required for this first diagnostic are gathered via:

  1. Visual inspections by our expert industrial thermal engineers (supported by photographs and videos);
  2. Thermographic surveys;
  3. Samples of concrete for analysis by a specialist materials science laboratory;
  4. Ultrasound measurements and inspections of the sheet thickness (for metal chimneys).

Based on this first report, the design office issue a report with its final results and recommandations on maintenance, repair or design to the client.



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