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maintenance, repair and compliance with standards

MCC2I has the ability to take on all repair work on chimney structures and flue liners, as well as work on equipments and accessories.

The types of work for which MCC2I propose services include:

  1. repairs on supporting shell: structural works using civil engineering processes (for concrete chimneys) and metal fabrication (for metal chimneys). These works are most of the time carried out on the outside of the chimney;
  2. repairs to firebrick or metal flue liners: These works are most of the time carriedout inside the chimney.

Work on chimney accessories and equipment is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards, including EN 14122 relating to "permanent means of access to machinery". This work comprises the following:

  1. repair or replacement of access equipment: fixed ladders, bridges and platforms;
  2. repair or replacement of accessories and protective equipment: lightning protection system (works carried out in accordance with the standard EN 62305-3), daytime and night-time warning;
  3. installation and maintenance of measurement points: these works are carried out to comply to recent standards such as NFX 44-052 and NF EN 13284-1.

In the projects where the works interfere with the appearance and structure of the chimney, we provide our clients with a report including all technical documents (such as drawings, etc.).

maintenance of industrial chimney


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