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And infrastructure

In order to carry out the work, we have with a wide range of specific access equipment:

  1. Harnesses are a lightweight mean of access, allowing rapid deployment at height for internal or external chimney inspections;
  2. Suspended platforms enable more detailed inspections with several engineers on board, as well as minor repair work or repainting;
  3. Internal suspended platforms, specifically developed for heavy work inside the chimneys. The diameter can be adjusted and they can be used to replace components inside chimneys (firebrick, metal tubing, etc.);
  4. And likewise temporary hoists, ladders and walkways which can be used for all chimney work by all trades.

All this equipment complies with the standards in force and in particular with NF EN 1808 relating to the safety requirements for variable height suspended platforms.
Specific tools can be designed and manufactured at our Pont-Audemer site, as well as specialist equipment required for maintenance or modification work on particular structures (fixed ladders and platforms, sections of tubing and sampling boxes, supports for lightning conductors, lighting, etc.).

This manufacturing capacity means that we can provide a rapid response in the case of on-site maintenance.

range of specific access equipment


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